Color & Composition

The first thing customers notice about our hay is its beautiful green coloration. This reveals its high vitamin, protein, and mineral content. All of our hay is high quality, and you will not find dead, brown, or nutrient starved hay in our facilities. Our hay is harvested at the height of its usefulness, preventing over-maturity or other conditions which can harm the hay’s nutrient content or composition.

Similarly, you will not find weeds or other foreign materials bundled with our hay like you might at other ranches. We keep our facilities and fields clean and well policed to prevent contamination. Weeds and other types of foreign debris can be toxic to people and livestock. We also avoid using chemicals or pesticides that could be harmful to personnel or livestock. Our hay is carefully harvested to ensure you get all of what you pay for and nothing that you do not want.

Moisture Content

Moisture content is always a concern when looking at baled hay. Too much moisture and the bale will rot, mold, and mildew. Mold and mildew can be toxic, and rotten hay loses its nutritional value. Similarly, too little moisture in a bale and it dries out, again losing its nutritional value and becoming unpalatable to livestock. Our hay is perfectly moisture balanced (90% dry matter, 10% moisture) to give you the most usefulness, nutritional value, and palatability while avoiding damage or premature loss.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on hay quality is that you can tell a lot about it just by looking at it, but even more by the loyalty of the customers that come back to buy more. Ruiz Ranch has a long list of very loyal customers who will tell you that nobody beats the quality and utility of our hay. Sure, there may be other brands offering cheaper prices, but saving a couple of dollars when you buy the hay just means that you will need to pay more later when it rots, the animals refuse to eat it, or your livestock fails to get the nutrition they need. High quality hay from Ruiz Ranch is an excellent investment that will keep your animals healthier and more fit, and will save you money in the long run.