Here at Ruiz Ranch one of our goals is to adhere to sustainability through conservation-minded ranching. Instead of having barbed wire fences blocking nomadic wildlife, we welcome biodiversity. We believe that enriching our grass-fed cattle in a wildlife habitat produces a much healthier and better quality of cattle than corn-fed, antibiotic-laden cattle produced in industrial feedlots. On our 1,400 acres you can spot an array of wildlife that coincide with our cattle to help benefit our ranches.

Many of the species we house can thrive on the ranch, but have been in jeopardy elsewhere. Our trademark characteristic has been to operate in harmony with the land and natural systems, whether in managing cattle, turkey, quail, alligators, wild hog, or deer. This focus makes the land simultaneously productive for both agriculture and wildlife. Here just some of the few species you can come across on our diverse ranch:


Known as the “underestimated species”, we value Geese as the watchdogs of our ranches. Known to have remarkable eyesight and wide field of vision, with their forceful voices, they make excellent guards against outsiders.

Woodland Ducks

An almost extinct species in the early 1900s, due largely to habitat destruction, now wander freely and happily on our range with their signature whistling call, adding delicate rhythm to our range.

Wild Turkey

They add to the aesthetics of our ranch through their grace, beauty, sight and sounds. They are a healthy barometer and complement to our management efforts.


Alligators are not just notorious predators, they are vital in Florida’s ecosystem. They build nests and dig large holes that create habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, especially during droughts.

Whitetail Deer

A once nearly eradicated species due to unregulated hunting, now are in perfect balance with the ranches ecosystem. They are considerable prey for any predators that come along.