Certified F1 Brahman has been part of the Ruiz Ranch heritage. The F1 cross (first generation removed from purebred breeds) are usually brindle in color with a white face and is a popular choice for cattleman because of their heat tolerance, efficiency, hybrid vigor, and added performance. For years, we have focused on providing commercial cowman with some of the best Braford and Brangus bulls on the market.

Brahman-influenced cattle, especially F1s, carry many productive advantages that help them thrive in the warmer climates of the South. These Brahman heifers can handle the toughest conditions while successfully breeding, calving and weaning a healthily calf. The added longevity of the F1 Braford female gives cattlemen a cow that stays in the herd longer, raising more calves over her lifetime.

At Ruiz Ranch, we understand the value of purebred Brahman genetics, and proudly raise them for quality performance, soundness, fertility and beef production in our Braford and Brangus herds. All of our breeding bulls are backed by generations of pedigree excellence and documented performance. We take pride in our top selling reputation of Braford and Brangus cattle in Georgia, by offering Braford and Brangus bulls that look good, perform well, and provide the necessary traits the commercial cattleman needs for efficient beef production. The productivity and adaptability of Brahman cattle we raise will ensure a place for them in the beef industry for years to come, in both F1 and commercial markets.